ARF – Animal Rescue Foundation

arf-logo-smallThe Animal Rescue Foundation-Texas is a 501(c)3 corporation located in Seguin, Texas, with the mission of promoting the welfare, rescue and adoption of dogs and cats in Seguin and Guadalupe County, Texas.

PET FEED: We feed pets for the clients of the Christian Cupboard in Seguin.  We provide 600-900 pounds of dog and cat food monthly, in the first step toward intervening in the care of animals at risk.  Volunteers and donations are always welcome.

PET/VET: We provide medical exams and inoculations for the Cupboard clients at a local vet.  This puts them in a trackng system, and we repeat the service as the pets become due for refreshers.  We treat up to 30 pets monthly.

GUADALUPE COUNTY LOST AND FOUND PETSWe maintain a Facebook site for posting lost and found pets.  Please join and repost to spread the word.

SHELTER SUPPORT: We provide vaccines, flea treatment, and grooming for animals in the Seguin Animal Shelter as we work to enhance adoptions there.   We have joined with the Seguin Dog Park in providing open air adoptions for the shelter.


FREE SPAY/NEUTER: We established partnerships to provide financial assistance for spaying/neutering of adopted shelter dogs.   Donate! Donate!  Donate!

PET ADOPTION RESOURCES: If you’re ready to adopt your new best friend, check out dogs and cats who are available for adoption at Guadalupe County Humane SocietySeguin Animal Services, and on Petfinder (search the 78155 ZIP code to get an idea about who is looking for a Forever Home). ThePaws in Prison program trains rescue dogs who are available for adoption. We can connect you with dogs who’ve come out of this program if you want to know more.

CANINE GROOMING, TRAINING, and GEAR: Thunderpaws Canine Solutionsoffers training in classes and individual lessons and has experience working with rescue dogs. The boutique supports animal rescue in the community and is a great place to go if you’re looking for an answer to a question about animals. If they don’t know the answer, they generally know who will.

LEGISLATION IS IMPORTANT:   An ordinance was passed in Seguin to define what is “too hot for Spot” regarding dogs in cars and to add enforcibilty to the state laws regarding chaining animals.   Contact us for more information.

Our records are maintained at 360 S. Highway 123 Bypass, Seguin Tx, 78155 and are availible on request.  For appointment, call 830-743-1017.




7 thoughts on “ARF – Animal Rescue Foundation

  1. I heard that you sometimes get together with other like minded people to have lunch with them and heir pets. I have very little social activity. I Have a sm dog and would like to help out with your efforts. If U can give me some information as to who I can meet with.
    I worked at Buffalo Roam off of Hwy 20 for several years. It was an animal sanctuary for wild and nomesticated animals. Judy Savage and I are friends – if U should know her.
    Thank You for your time and consideration.

    • Thanks for finding us! The easiest way to stay in touch is to like us on facebook. Our email is
      We host a monthly “Hot Date with your Dog”at Kirby’s. Barky Park is hosting the event ths month and I am not sure of the date they have selected, but will let you know as soon as I know.
      Our FurBall is Oct. 19 at the Aumont Hotel in downtown Seguin. If you need tickets,please email or call e at 830 743 1017.
      Thanks, Barbara Upper

  2. There are some programs for free procedures, the largest being emancipet which does clinics in Austin and in some communities around us. You can google them for information and dates.

  3. ARF has an adoption event coming up 21 Jun @ Petsmart in New Braunfels/ Creekside. Our current adoptable animals are on Petfinder. We are ALWAYS looking for volunteers to help…many different ways to do that! We also need individuals who are willing to foster while we find the perfect home for our furry friends! Would you be willing? Please get in touch with us! Thank you for supporting local rescues!!

  4. We have a dog that just had puppies four weeks ago. The dog has been a problem for a while since we rescued her over a year ago. She digs up our back yard quite frequently and we just cannot continue to keep her because we cannot afford the maintenance repair costs for what she does. Can you help us find her a good home?

  5. I have 2 adult females ansd 5 kittens. Around my house. I can’t have them. I’m allergic to cats. They come through my doggie door. How Do. I get rid of them. They seem friendly and need a home.

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